"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" This is how many equstrian people like to think. It makes no difference whether it comes to housing, feeding, or equipment. Through social networks and other sources of information, useful alternatives can be made more readily available to anyone.

That stands true with the Micklem Bridle of Horseware.

I grew up on this bridle by photos of the deceased eventer Benjamin Winter and his horse ISPO. Through the Internet, I quickly gathered the necessary information and decided to try the Micklem on my horse -Einfach nur PW.

The promotional video of Horseware can be viewed here: click here!

The Micklem is cut so that it avoids the following sensitive areas of the horse's head and it ensures optimum pressure distribution:









- Neck

- Nasal bone

- Upper / lower jaw

- Tongue / mouth angle

- Nerves







By this design, horses feel much better and run more satisfied.


Overall, there are two variants of the Micklem. I want to explain them seperately.



 1. Micklem Multi Bridle: 


Micklem Multi Bridle: The Multi Bridle is suitable as a normal bridle and a bit-less bridle as well. The accessories are included. On the nose band, a permanent ring is attached, so you can also use it as a cavesson bridle. The Multi Bridle has gold hardware and is available in brown and black.



2. Competition:



In this model, drop off the additional options, it is "only" delivered as a normal bridle. Also, the Competition can strap on the Bitless bridle, but the accessories are not included. In leather choice of colour is again between black and brown, and silver hinges.


ClipsIn both models, bite clips are included. This will keep the bit quiet in the mouth.


ATTENTION: The use of the clips is not allowed in tournaments!


The leather quality and durability show a high level of workmanship. There are 4 sizes available: pony, cob-size, full-size and cold blood XL.

The Multi Bridle and the Competition are admitted by LPO. It can be used in every class and every discipline. From the leadrein in dressage, show jumping, and eventing.

I have decided on the Micklem, as PW was very restless in her mouth. Previously, I've tried different things: Saddle control, teeth checking, use of various bits and nosebands. I could not detect any changes.

The first few days with the Micklem I didn't notice any difference. PW was only a little looser in the neck and around the collar. After a while, I switched to the English-combined noseband for jumping with which I have ridden before. I had a very bad feeling - PW was unusually strong in the hand and was constantly busy with her teeth. This was clear to me that I'll just have to ride with the Micklem. My horse sent the message... Loud and clear! In the subsequent workout PW Seemed increasingly satisfied and the problems with her restless mouth became less and less. Her posture and elevation has improved significantly, and in turn, she carries load easier and work on the collection is easier.


I want to say that not every horse is responding positively to the Micklem. Some riders notice no difference at all, some horses run even worse with it. But the greater part of the riders reported positive changes in their horse. The Micklem is not a miracle cure and no fix-all tool! Good riding is still necessary and important.


It is possible to order the Micklem on a trial basis.


A little tip for the tournament: Keep on you at all times your copy of the official FN letter of addmitance for these bridles. If an old school judge says that you can't use it, show him the letter, he must allow it. Here is the link: click here!


Kind regards, Janna