This is simply a guide, based on our own experience. There is no guarantee that this will work for all valances/colours/shapes. All photos, as well as the manual is copyrighted by Angelika V. and have been graciously provided to pferdetrends.

Before After


Step 1: stains away!

Lay the saddle cloth in the bathtub, then drizzle over all stains with stain remover by Ace. Depending on the spot intensity leave it for 15 - 30 minutes in the tub. Then wash at 30 ° C (40 ° C works also) in the washing machine at 1000-1200 Turns/min. I throw in a small container of about 100 ml of Ace.

Important: Do not forget a color collection cloth! I use a cloth that you can use up to 30 x - is available in any drug store.



Step 2: Flatten the form and dry

Immediately after washing in the washing machine, reshape the saddle pad (2 Persons), especially the borders; just pull until it is no longer deformed.
Then for drying, hang so that both sides can just hang down. I do not recommend it, putting them in the dryer as this can leave it limp, wrinkled and out of shape.

TaaDaa, after washing and drying it should look like this:


Spots that are very old, are difficult to remove. The stains still remaining were present when I bought it. However, they are less visible from wash to wash. Following these tips will get all "Fresh" spots completly out(the saddle pad in the photos was three weeks in daily use). I get out even the haviest stains with only light spots remaining. But as I said, this is only my experience, I give no guarantee.


Step 3: Fold away!

Granted, after washing the saddle looks like a rag, wrinkled and limp. If your iron has steam (iron with station for water), you can use this iron.

Here is my slightly older model:


The benefit of a steam iron is that it uses water vapor, which is gentler than very hot metall. Whether it works with normal iron, I do not think I can't imagine that it's too hot and would damage the material.

The saddle pad is now ironed properly with the steam iron from both sides.

Finally, I iron the front under tension. That is, I grab one side of the saddle pad, press the iron against the saddle pad just enough to pull apart the saddle-cloth, the result is very nice.


I have a feeling that the saddle pad is nice and firm again. After steaming the saddle pad it is wet, so hang dry again.


Step 4: lint

To remove fluff use a lintrazor.


The results at a glance: